Tours in Partnership Best Defence 2022
November 15

THE INTERNATIONAL TEST PILOTS SCHOOL (ITPS) is a fully-accredited EASA Approved Training Organization for Test Pilots and Flight Test Engineers. ITPS has an over thirty-year track record of providing professional and cost-effective flight test training to international air arms and the civil industry. Our skilled team of ITPS instructors fully prepare graduates to participate safely and effectively in real-world flight testing. ITPS specializes in providing customized, on-demand training solutions either in Canada, a customer’s country or through distance-learning.

THE INTERNATIONAL TACTICAL TRAINING CENTRE (ITTC), a division of ITPS, has over 20 years of experience in providing advanced military flight training for air arms worldwide. Expert instructors provide a range of courses from Fighter Lead-In Training to Fighter Weapons Instructor courses and each program is tailored for individual customers and budgets. World-class facilities include the recently-inaugurated Advanced Aircraft Simulation Centre.

To book a tour, please contact: Kelly Morrison, [email protected]

With a new name, the Fraunhofer Innovation Platform for Composites Research at Western University is available to tour on November 15th.   They have just taken possession of a new pultrusion machine and will be setting it up over the next number of months.  

To book a tour, please contact:

Vanja Ugresic at [email protected], 1-226-377-9807

Surface Science Western is Canada’s best equipped laboratory for surface and materials analysis. 

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Paint defect and adhesion failure analysis
  • Surface contamination and quality control issues
  • General surface analysis and materials characterization
  • Mineral chemistry and processing
  • Polymer modification
  • Corrosion and electrochemistry
  • Nuclear materials characterization
  • Green technologies
  • Metallurgy and failure analysis
  • Additive manufacturing

For more information or to book your tour on November 15th please contact:

Mark Biesinger, Director, Surface Science Western at [email protected]