NORAD Industry Days, Colorado Springs CO

NORAD and USNORTHCOM will hold a three-day industry event from Oct. 19-21, with opportunities for various briefs from government on Day 1 and for companies to make 7-minute, one-on-one pitches to NORAD, Research Labs, DRDC, and others on days 2 and 3.

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This will be a first come, first served event. Materials will be held to the SECRET//REL TO CAN level. Discussion will be held to the TOP SECRET//REL TO CAN level. Planned attendees include: U.S. and CAN Services; U.S. Combatant Commands; U.S. Services’ Laboratories; U.S. National Laboratories; U.S. and CAN Intelligence Communities; Defence Research and Development Canada; U.S. Defense Agencies; and U.S. Innovation Units.  

Technology “pitches” on Days 2 and 3 should include a brief overview of the company, mention of any previous or current government partnerships related to the technology, an overview of the technology that includes any intended or derived operational value, and its technology readiness level and/or manufacturing readiness level. Pitches must be consistent one with the following focus areas:  

  • Information dominance: data integration, data classification, data distribution, and/or data visualization. 
  • Left-of-conflict: indications, warnings, and/or predictive analysis. 
  • Domain awareness: detection, identification, and/or tracking.  
  • Arctic operations: energy and power, communications, command and control, and/or infrastructure.   

Those interested can email one of the officials listed below, indicating which sessions you would like to attend and any presentation that you would like to make. For Day 2/3 participation, please clearly identify: a) the primary technology focus area (above) that your company desires to participate in; and b) your company’s top three time slot preferences within that technology focus area. The available time slots are outlined in the attachments contained on the event’s notice.


Mr. Gordon Owen | 719-554-6382 | [email protected] 

Mr. John Joynt | 719-556-7311 | [email protected]