CISSP, CCSK, PCIP, MBA (Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

AJ Khan is the President of Global Syndicate for Mobility Cybersecurity, a non-profit focused on enhancing cyber in all forms of Mobility.  He is also the ex-Chair of the APMA Cyber Security Committee and former Director of APMA Institute of Automotive Cybersecurity (apmaIAC).  AJ Khan is also a Cyberprenuer and has multiple startups focused on Cyber through CyberStrategiez Inc.  These include CloudGRC Inc., Cyber Innovation Leadership Solutions (CILS) and Vehiqilla Inc.    

AJ has over 20 years of experience in Governance, Risk & Compliance, and 13 years of experience in Cybersecurity Innovation and Emerging Technologies.  AJ is an ardent advocate of Cyber Security and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and in his view, there is a critical need to address Cyber Security in today’s Connected and Cloud deployments and if considerable effort is not made to address this issue, corporations will incorporate considerable Security Debt that will manifest itself later in the form of major security breaches.  AJ also published a book “The Global Age of Entrepreneurship” and is currently working on his second book “Automotive Cyber Governance”.  AJ is also an ardent advocate of “cyberpreneurship” to solve the cyber challenges of the Connected world we live in and mentors various founders in the cyber eco-system.