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Relocatable Temporary Camps (RTCs) were designed with the troops in mind, whether they are deployed in remote locations in Canada or across the globe. However, the infrastructure systems that support these camps aren’t always built to maximize efficiency.

That’s where the Pop-up City: Integrating Energy, Water and Waste Management Systems for Deployed Camps Contest comes in. The Pop-up City Contest is a multi-phased contest for innovators to propose solutions designed to integrate energy, water and waste infrastructure systems in order to support a 150 to 1,500-person RTC, operating in a temperate climate zone.

Contestants will be asked to submit ideas and work in teams to provide scalable solutions that can supply the requirements of an RTC over a 12-month period. The objective is to significantly reduce fuel and water inputs, and waste outputs, thereby improving performance.

The Contest will consist of four competitive rounds with each stage designed to support progress towards the development of a functioning and testable prototype integrated solution. Contestants will have the chance to win more than $3.5 million during individual and group competitions. Learn more:

Pop-up City: Integrated Energy, Water and Waste Management Systems for Deployed Camps

The deadline for our latest round of challenges for Competitive Projects has been extended! Don’t miss your chance to submit your ideas on how to solve aerospace, space, camouflage and portable power challenges. New deadline is September 12, 2019.

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