Tech Showcase

In 2016 we introduced the Technology Showcase featuring companies that were nominated and then rated from across Canada to pitch  who pitched their technologies to the Best Defence audience.  These companies were nominated and then “rated” by a panel of industry & government Given the tremendous success of last year we are expanding the showcase to include 16 companies this year.

The Technology Showcase was introduced at Best Defence in 2016 and featured nominated companies from across Canada that were “rated” by a panel made up of government, academia and industry.   The showcase acts as a platform for the tech companies to demonstrate their novel technologies to industry, government and military.  Each company is allotted 3-4 minutes to pitch their company’s technology to the audience.

Given the tremendous success of last year’s showcase we are expanding it to 16 companies this year.

There will be two themes of particular interest to Prime Contractors and Systems Integrators:

  • Land Operations: Over the next few years, a number of Army-related projects will move to the RFP stage and will be subject to Canada’s Industrial and Technological Benefits policy. Under this policy, bidders are required to submit a Value Proposition which sets out the commitment to undertake work and invest in Canada. The Value Proposition requirement has made it critical for Primes to identify early on not only potential Canadian suppliers but also companies with innovative capabilities that can be invested in so as to maximize points at the time of the bid evaluation. We will present a number of innovative companies in this category. We will look at companies working in advanced materials, autonomous vehicles, advanced manufacturing & robotics, training & simulation, etc.
  • Broad Spectrum of Novel Technology Companies: We will present companies with novel technologies in a broad range of sectors such as AI, cleantech, biometrics, cybersecurity, AR & Mixed Reality, wearables, etc.

If you wish to nominate a company for consideration, please contact Heather Pilot at or 519-851-9848.

2016 Tech Showcase