Tech Showcase

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Accolades for the Tech Showcase.

Hello Heather,

I want to thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Technology Showcase at the Best Defence conference in London in 2017.  It has seriously propelled our startup to new heights.  Through the connections we made at Best Defence we have been able to tap local expertise, and based on conversations with other defence industry players at the conference, we have developed novel Canadian products to meet their specific needs.

The publicity we received from the event stimulated the Royal Canadian NAVY and the Canadian Coast Guard to contact us directly.  After investigating our products, services, and R&D capabilities, they invited us to team up with them on the RCN Green Fleet Program.  Since then we have developed new custom technologies to meet their needs and are deploying our robotic submersibles on their NAVY and Coast Guard ships to collect biofouling samples in June.

Thanks again for the opportunity to participate in the Best Defence tech showcase.  It continues to pay off for us!

Jean Filion
Director and Chief Executive Officer, Uncharted Research and Development Inc., www.urnd.caPh.D. Candidate, MESc., BESc., P.Eng., Center for Planetary Science and Exploration, The University of Western Ontario