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AI in Aerospace – Berlin, Germany – March 19, 2020


19 March 2020

McCarthy Tétraultnin Montréal

Embassy of Canada In Berlin

Join the GCC 2020 LinkedIn group to exchange on the relevance of AI in Aerospace.

Event Theme

The aerospace sector is not up to speed in adopting Artificial Intelligence in comparison to other industries, but one can note a shift towards launching AI initiatives. The aerospace sector has grasped the potential of AI and there are growing numbers of single-use applications as well as a few end-to-end applications; we are starting to see how AI is impacting and transforming the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry embraces all activities and services related to aircraft and spacecraft and consists of various stakeholders in governments, corporations, agencies (civil and defense) as well as research institutes and more and more start-ups. Key tasks within the industry are project development, manufacturing and construction, operations, education and training and related research activities. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have entered all these fields; they have the potential to be a game changer.